Commercial Chiller Repair, Installation & Maintenance

At Thermo Dynamics, Inc. our team is familiar with every aspect of the commercial chiller and cooling tower installation, repair and maintenance. We offer our commercial heating, cooling and venting design services to the tri-state area of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

Commercial Chiller Units

A commercial chiller is a unit that offers adjustable climate control for the whole building on a room-by-room basis. Our team will install, repair, and maintain these commercial chillers. We perform a variety of services for many different chiller types, including:

  • centrifugal
  • absorption
  • helical rotary
  • reciprocating
  • scroll chillers

Our commercial chiller service contractors service the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachussetts areas. View our entire service area here.

Commercial Cooling Towers

Thermo Dynamics maintains and repairs commercial cooling towers. We excel in replacing hot water pans, nozzles, fan shafts, blades, motors, eliminators, and floor pans.

Commercial Air Handlers

Air handlers need to be properly maintained to ensure the highest efficiency. Our team will replace filters, belts, shafts, fan wheels, chillers, hot water coils, dampers, and temperature control units.

Commercial Temperature Control Systems

Our team will also design, maintain and install temperature control and building automation systems for your commercial or industrial building.

Chiller overhauls include new motors, impeller balancing, gasket and O-ring replacement, refrigerant conversions, and inspections for bearings, seals, and transmissions.

Upgrade your chiller by installing a new two-stage pressure relief valve, new high-efficiency purge system, solid state starter panel, refrigerant filtration system, micro-processor control unit, and chiller sequence panel.

We offer condenser and evaporator tube cleaning services that utilize rotary tube scrubbing machines for optimal results. Tube leak and eddy current testing, tube plugging, tube sheet epoxy coating, and tube replacement are just a few of the services we provide.

Service contractors are available to properly maintain your commercial chiller. The contracts include a multitude of services, including tube cleaning, oil and filter changes, oil analysis, leak testing, control calibration, starter inspection, and purge system services.

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